Penneys PS Make-up Review

Hi everyone,


In the last few weeks I’ve seen lots of other people trying out the “PS…” range of make-up from Penneys/Primark, so I thought I’d buy a few pieces to check it out for myself. Read on to see what I thought.



Liquid Foundation




Considering the price-point, this foundation is actually quite good. It says on the packaging that it’s “lightweight” but I found it gave more of a medium coverage. It feels thicker than most foundations I’ve used before and has a slightly chalky texture, but it works into the skin well. I set it with a translucent powder and it lasted throughout the day. It also smells like baby-powder which is a nice bonus because some foundations can smell a bit odd! I’ll be buying this again, at €3.00 it’s a major bargain.



Illuminating Concealer




This is a pen-concealer which pumps the product out through the integrated brush. The first time I used it I applied it and blended it in with my finger tips. I found it set ok on the skin, but after a couple of hours it had worn away. The next time I used it I pushed it into the skin with the PS… Blending Sponge and this seemed to make it last longer. Not a bad product and I would buy it again.



Nude Eyes eyeshadow palette






The packaging and colours of these shadows are so pretty so I was very excited to try them out. I used them a few days this week, each time hoping the result would be better, but they just don’t last very well at all. By evening time the colour of the shadow had almost disappeared and the product was creased on my eyelids. Hate to say it, but probably one of the poorest eyeshadow palettes I’ve tried lately. I really wouldn’t recommend them at the moment, but I’m going to give them another go this week with a primer underneath to see if that makes the product last any better.



Volume Boost mascara




I’ve said it before, but my eyelashes are useless. They’re short and grow straight out. I wasn’t blessed with wonderful curly lashes that touch my eyebrows, so a good mascara is a must for me! This mascara is very light and doesn’t clump, but it doesn’t lengthen your lashes and it didn’t seem to make them appear any thicker. It was more like a comb-through tint really, so it would be good if you were going for a very minimal/natural look, but I probably wouldn’t wear it otherwise. I also found that it rubbed off on my eyelids a bit, but it wasn’t a waterproof formula so that’s probably why.



Liquid Lipstick & Lip Liner Pencil


Lipstick €2.50 | Liner €1.50


I absolutely love the colours of these products, I’ve been looking for a lipstick in this shade for a while. I tried the two together but the liquid lipstick just didn’t suit me. This is nothing to do with the product at all, I just think a more matt product is best for me. I loved the liner though and would use it as a lip crayon in future, all over the lip.



Make Up Fixing Spray




This is my first time using a fixing spray and I think I’m converted! I didn’t feel that it made my make up last longer, but it made it look like it had just been freshly applied. This one makes a slightly odd fizzing sound when it settles on your make-up but whatever the reaction, it works. Definitely something I’ll continue to use.



Blender Sponge & Pencil Sharpener


Blender €1.50 | Sharpener €1.00


Getting my hands on a blending sponge reminded me of make-up back in my teens, when you would use the sponge applicators to cake on the foundation from your little pocket compact! But this is much better because it actually blends and doesn’t just sit the product on your face. I haven’t used the original Beauty Blender but to be honest, I don’t see how any of these can differ from each other. This one is a mid-range density and works well both dry and dampened. I found it was good for blending in the PS… Illuminating Concealer and for setting my foundation a bit more – I just pressed it into my skin with the Blending Sponge after I finished applying it with my foundation brush.


The pencil sharpener was only bought because my old one got lost, but I must say it makes my pencil products very sharp. My old sharpener was a Barry-M one and I found it snagged a bit on the pencils and took small chunks out of the product.



All this for €21.00 – Not bad!


So there you have it – some good eggs and some bad ones. But for the prices you can’t really go wrong if you want to try out a good few items from the “PS…” range. It definitely won’t break the bank anyway. Try some out to see what works for you, and let me know how you get on!

Aoife X



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    1. Hi Sarah, You need to click the button at the end of the concealer, like you would with a Pen. 2-3 clicks, then press the brush onto the skin for a few seconds and the product will come out. If this doesn’t work you might just have bought a faulty one.


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