The Pippa Palette – Review

Since its launch in 2015 I’ve wanted to try out the Pippa Palette by Irish Fashion, Beauty and Style Blogger, Pippa O’Connor. Everywhere I looked people were raving about this palette that Pippa had released in conjunction with Blank Canvas Cosmetics and how it was the must-have product of the moment. Well a few weeks ago I finally got my paws on it and have been trialling it since. So what’s the real verdict….?


Sorry to disappoint, but it’s BRILLIANT. I know you probably wanted to hear that it’s not as good as everyone says, that it was just a fad, and that the novelty wears off after you use it a few times. But no. I’m going to be brutally honest and say everything you read was true, and more! It’s a fantastic palette that deserves a lot of recognition and credit.


For a small palette (6 shadows, 1 highlighter, 1 blush and 1 contour shade) it really is all you need. The shadows are the perfect combination of pales and darks to help you create all looks from a fresh Spring feel to a dark, smoky, night time look. There is no shimmer eyeshadow but I found that using a little bit of the highlight shade as an accent on the eye gave a gorgeous effect.




The face shades don’t disappoint either. The highlight, Lulu, is the best highlighter I’ve ever used. You only need a small sweep of it across the cheekbone to do the trick, and I love to use it on the brow-bone too. A little really goes a long way. The contour shade is fantastic – I like to do a little contouring every day but I find most contour powders are quite bronze toned. This one is ashy so makes your contour look like a natural shadow on your face rather than the unnatural brown that you can get with other contour powders. Lastly the blush is so pretty, and a little on the apples of your cheeks gives a gorgeous effect, without looking like you’ve piled on the powders.




It’s obvious that a lot of thought and consideration went into this palette – from choosing the perfect shades to create flawless looks, to the names that Pippa used for all the colours. I love that she named each of them after someone close to her. KD (her grandfather Karl), DoDo (her grandmother Doreen), Susu (her sister Susanna), Tobi (her first dog), Ollie (her son), Lily (her current dog), Lulu (her mother Louise), Pipsy (her nickname) and Amour (for Brian, her love!).




I would highly recommend this palette to anyone who has been thinking about getting it (and anyone who hasn’t been thinking about it, you should be!). You won’t be disappointed. It would make a great gift for any make-up lover in your life. You can buy the palette on the Blank Canvas Cosmetics site.


Hope you enjoyed this review, thanks for reading!

Aoife X



I was not paid to promote this product, these are my own views and opinions



11 thoughts on “The Pippa Palette – Review

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  1. Would these work for everybody? No matter your skin tone? I want to get a palette that’ll do my make up pretty much single-palettedly. Could this be such a palette?

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    1. I’m not a makeup artist so I dont have a professional opinion, but I do think that the shadows would work with darker skintones as well as light, if you wet the product or use something like Inglot Duraline with it, to enhance the pigmentation. The highlight, Lulu, would be gorgeous on darker tones.


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