Basic Cover-up Eye

I don’t know about you, but I suffered a good bit with hay fever and allergies this Summer/Autumn –  as much as I love the smell of freshly cut grass, the grass does not love me! Besides the sniffles and sneezes, having puffy red eyes is one of the unfortunate side-effects. People aren’t sure if you’ve been crying or if you’ve just stuck your head in a flower-bed. So covering up that redness is a must when you’re off out for the day or night.


The lovely folk at Opticrom sent me some products* to show how I hide the effects of hay fever, so I had some fun creating 2 looks – one for day and one for evening. Now, just to be clear, I am NOT a make-up guru and I don’t think I’ll be winning make-up of the year any time soon, this is just little old me sharing my day and evening make-up with you guys.


So – on to the looks!



I always tend to keep the eye very natural when I’m out and about during the day, but when my eyes are a bit red I put more effort in. So I chose some gold and copper tones to cover up the lid and blended them underneath the lower lashes also. Using a very pigmented product helps to stop any redness showing through.


Lid: Smog | Crease: Twice Baked | Brow bone & tear duct: Roadstripe | Lashes: Perversion



For night time I like to make more of a statement, because it’s dark at night so you want your make-up to stand out even in bad light. I used various green shades to create an ombre green smoked eye, with a long eyeliner flick. I really pack on the product for evening looks and this covers any colouration on the lid, and if you use a good primer (I didn’t here) the product shouldn’t budge for the night. Bringing the product under the eye covers any redness on the lower lid but also gives a nice smoky effect. If your tear duct is puffy or red you could use a small amount of a highlighter or paler shadow to cover this up too.


Lid: Mildew & Acid Rain | Outer corner: Misdemeanour | Brow bone: Acid Rain | Lashes: Perversion | Liner: Cailyn iDefine liquid liner


I hope you liked these 2 looks. What are your tricks for covering up with make-up?

Let me know in the comments!

Aoife X


*Opticrom Allergy Eye Drops sent me the Urban Decay Vice Ltd Reloaded palette and Urban Decay Perversion mascara to create the above looks. This is not a paid post but I received the products free of charge. To find out more information about Opticrom visit their website.


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