Skinade Skincare Supplement – Review

Some of you may have seen me mention Skinade on my social media a couple of months ago, but I couldn’t give much info on it at the time because I hadn’t completed my trial. Well now I’ve finished my 60-day trial and the results are in!

So what IS Skinade? It’s a natural anti-ageing collagen drink that aims to boost the body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. What does this mean in real language?? It just means that it’s a natural way to improve the tone, texture, hydration and suppleness of your skin, and is supposed to leave you looking like someone has wound back the years!

All the ingredients in Skinade are natural, you won’t find anything questionable (like laxatives, or ingredients with huge long names you can’t pronounce). You also don’t have to sacrifice your first-born and do a rain dance to get it to work – it’s very simple. All you do is drink one bottle (or one diluted sachet) per day, and stay away from caffeinated drinks for an hour either side of taking it, because caffeine can block the body from absorbing micro-nutrients and collagen.

Skinade 150ml bottle (1 serving)
Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 19.16.45
Skinade ingredients       (graphic from

I was on a 60-day programme, during which I tried out the ready-to-drink bottles as well as the handy travel sachets. The taste of both is actually different. The bottles taste ok – slightly fruity but a little weak, kind of like you didn’t add enough cordial to a drink of water. The sachets are much stronger-tasting and take a bit of getting used to!! After I finished the sachets I did hear that using sparkling water instead of still water makes the taste better, or you can mix it with any other drink as long as it’s not caffeinated.

Skinade ready-to-drink bottles and travel sachets

Now what you’re all dying to know – did I miraculously turn into a baby-faced, supple skinned Goddess?? Not quite, but I definitely had some improvements. Not all of them were visible. For example, my face used always feel a bit tight and dry around the forehead but now it definitely feels more hydrated and less tight. My skin in general feels quite soft and healthy.

I took before and after photos of some key areas so I could see for myself whether there would be any changes – my face (forehead and chin), my hands, and my newly acquired stretchmarks (thanks baby Charlotte!). My forehead didn’t show much difference – as I said above, the changes were in how the skin in that area FEELS rather than looks. I didn’t see any noticeable difference in the skin on my hands, but I never had any skin issues on my hands anyway. The only thing I did notice was that the veins on the back of my hands were previously a little more visible than they are now, which could be due to Skinade making my skin more supple and hydrated.

Hands – before (top) & after (bottom)

Enough of where there WEREN’T CHANGES and on to where there WERE!

I used to have some redness and mild breakouts on my chin, but I haven’t had any in the last 1-2 months while I have been taking Skinade. The light in the ‘after’ photo below isn’t great but you can still see that the redness is reduced and the skin is clearer.

Chin – before (top) & after (bottom)

I can really see a difference in my stretchmarks. These ones are on my tummy. They have faded out a good bit and the skin in the area appears more supple. Stretchmarks do fade naturally over time but I feel that this is a bigger change than would happen without taking a supplement. The before photo was taken 2 months post-partum and the after photo was taken 4 months post-partum.

Tummy stretchmarks – before (top) & after (bottom)

I’d like to mention that I didn’t use ANY other skin products while I was trialling Skinade – no face creams, moisturisers, oils, or anything. So there was nothing compromising my impression of Skindae. I also want to say that I was gifted my 60-day supply by the people at Skinade so that I could try it out, I didn’t pay for it.

So would I recommend it? Like I said, I could feel some improvements in the skin on my face and hands but the visual changes weren’t that obvious there. But I really think the appearance of my stretchmarks improved a great deal and that it was down to Skinade. There was no other factor that could have improved them. Believe you me, I wasn’t exercising or trying to tone up, and I sure as hell wasn’t eating really healthily!! If you’re someone who is self-conscious about stretchmarks or uneven skin then Skinade could be the product for you.

Skinade Skincare Supplement

For lots more information (and all the lovely science stuff about Skinade) go over to the Skinade website. They also have a shop function where you can buy 30, 60 and 90 day supplies, in bottle and sachet form, costing around the same per day as a large coffee.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you found it interesting! If you have any questions about Skinade just pop them in the comments.

Aoife X


Note: Skinade kindly gifted me the 60-day trial pack in return for a review.


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