Four Foundation Faves

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an obsession with make-up brushes. When I was younger I used to apply my foundation by hand or with a sponge and I never liked the result. I would avoid wearing foundation because it just didn’t look good. I eventually bought a foundation brush to try out and haven’t looked back since.
For anyone who doesn’t use brushes, or who sticks religiously to one brush – every brush is different! The density of the hairs makes a big difference, as well as the size of the brush head. Find one that you like and then grow your collection from there.
Here are four of my favourite brushes at the moment:
Real Techniques | Stippling Brush (Boots, €15.99)
This is my favourite ever brush for foundation (this particular one has seen better days!). The brush head has a flat top which you use to push the foundation into the skin, then buff it in with small circular motions. I find that this brush gives a very smooth finish and makes the product very workable. Usually one application is enough to give a decent coverage with this brush, but it will depend on your foundation.
MAC Cosmetics | 190 Foundation Brush (Brown Thomas, €40.50)
This was my very first foundation brush. It’s a flat paddle style brush that wipes the foundation onto the skin. This kind of brush is great for getting exact coverage (right up to the lower eyelid and around the nose, ears and lips. However, it can leave streaks if you don’t work the product into the skin enough so make sure you do blend your foundation well!
MAC brushes are quite expensive so don’t be afraid to try an alternative if you’re not sure about this style of brush. I find EcoTools brushes quite good also.
Azzure Collection | Large Powder Brush (, £45.99 / €63.50 for 18-brush set)
You may be thinking – A powder brush? Have you lost your mind? But trust me! Take a small amount of foundation onto the brush and use a wide circular motion to buff it into the skin. This will give a very light, even layer of foundation all over the face.
I personally use this brush for my everyday make up as I prefer a light coverage, and it’s brilliant when you’re on holidays in a hot climate but still want to put on foundation. It’s great for building the coverage up by letting the first layer settle and applying another layer or two.
I would recommend the Azzure sets to anyone who wants to start a brush collection but doesn’t want to spend too much on a set – Azzure have worked with Groupon in the past and I got an 18-brush set for only €17 a couple of years ago, so keep an eye out.
Real Techniques | Buffing Brush (Boots, €28.99 for Core Collection Set)
I tend to use this brush when I’m going to a function or on a night out as I find that you can use a large amount of product with it, and the density and strength of the hairs means you get a great even coverage that lasts the night.
Real Techniques sets are quite a reasonable price so are also a good starter set or for anyone who wants to add to their growing collection. I can’t get enough of them!
So there you have it – four very different types of brushes but I love them all! Let me know in the comments what your favourite foundation brush is, or if you take the plunge to buy your first one please share your experience!
Aoife X

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