We Love Eyes – Make-up Remover Oil

You come home from a long day saving the world and your options are (a) take off your make-up and have burning, stinging eyes for the next hour, as well as losing half your eyelashes in the effort to get every last trace of mascara off, or (b) leave your make-up on and let your pillow remove it gently overnight. As tempting as option B sounds, we all know it’s bad for our skin, so most of us will go for option A and end up walking around the house looking like we’ve been bawling our eyes watching The Notebook again.

So you can imagine my delight when I discovered a company that claimed to “cleanse, soothe, protect and love” your eyes – my kind of people! I ordered the “Eye and Eyelash Make-up Remover Oil”. I must say I was a little sceptical because my eyes are so sensitive and I imagined that an oil would get into my eyes and sting a lot. But on reading up about the product I found that because it’s made from oil this means there are no preservatives used in it, and it’s made from tea tree making it a great cleansing agent. I was even more delighted to read that it was developed by optometrists so eye care really is at the heart of the product.


To use the Make-up Remover Oil, you simply pop 5 drops onto a cotton pad and wipe it over the eye. I normally find that rubbing remover onto the eyelid causes irritation so I just did 3-4 wipes from the inside corner of the lid over to the outside. This took away all my eyeshadow and most of my mascara. I then put a couple of drops on a fresh cotton pad and did another 3-4 downward wipes over my lashes, and all the mascara was gone. The best bit was that I didn’t lose any eyelashes (because I don’t have that many to play around with!).

before and after

In the interest of a full review I did wait an hour after using the product before I made up my mind on it, because with any new product you never know how you’ll react to it. But I’m happy to say I had no irritation and I was very happy with it. I would recommend this product to anyone with sensitive eyes (or even those with non-sensitive eyes!) as a healthy alternative to your regular make-up remover. I did find that my eyelashes (although mascara-free) still felt like they weren’t 100% clean. I usually feel like this after I take off my mascara anyway, but the bonus this time was that my eyeballs weren’t burning! I’ll definitely keep using this, and what’s great is the bottle is 30ml so it’s perfect to bring in your hand luggage if you’re travelling.


I hope you enjoyed this review – if you’re interested in trying this product out for yourself you can find it here.

x aoifeweefa x



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