We Love Eyes – Cleansing Oil

If you haven’t already read my previous blog on the We Love Eyes products, then to catch you up very quickly – my eyes burn when I use make-up remover products or wipes and it’s not very pleasant, so I’ve been on the search for something that doesn’t feel like I’m being tortured for information.

I know I’m not the only person who has this problem – loads of people have sensitive eyes, whether the sensitivity is to pollen and pollutants in the air, or to make-up remover or to make-up products themselves. Unfortunately I fall into all 3 categories. Certain mascaras and eyeliners make my eyes sting during the day, I get hay fever and my contact lenses dry out if the air is too dry or if I’m subjected to air conditioning, and the make-up removal wipes that I use (which are for sensitive skin and are probably the best ones on the market) make my eyes red and stingy when I use them.

Having already tried the We Love Eyes “Eye and Eyelash Make-up Remover Oil” and finding it great, I decided to give the “Eyelid and Eyelash Cleansing Oil” a go. This is also made from oil and as with all their products it’s gentle on the eyes.


To use the Cleansing Oil, put 3 drops onto a cotton bud and gently rub it through the roots of the eyelashes. I was nervous using this product as it was so close to my eye and my eyes get irritated so easily. But I had no irritation at all (even when my hand slipped and I poked myself in the eye with the cotton bud…).


I used the Cleansing Oil directly after I used the Make-up Remover Oil and I found that my eyelashes felt really clean afterwards. Previously when I used the Remover Oil on its own my lashes didn’t feel fully clean even though all my make-up was gone. The cleansing oil is great for freshening up the eyes and moisturising your eyelids after removing your make-up. I’ll continue to use these two products together to get the best result.


If you want to try this product out for yourself you can find it here – We Love Eyes Cleansing Oil

Thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “We Love Eyes – Cleansing Oil

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    1. Thanks! I have sensitive skin too so most wipes irritate my skin, I use the Simple wipes at the moment but had to find an alternative eye makeup remover.
      I’ve followed you back, your blog looks great.

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      1. Coconut oil works great wonders too if it’s pure and cold pressed ! Just like magic and much more beneficial to your skin than other stuff if your sensitive! Love tea tree though! Great post thanks for sharing ! X


      2. Ahhh I love the smell haha but you could use olive oil ad an alternative if you prefer the smell to that too 🙂 no worries yeah I love all things natural and tea tree is amazing ! X


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