Revas Spa, Woodlands Hotel – Review

After two months of being new parents, my husband and I were in need of some relaxation and recuperation time, so we booked ourselves a spa day in Revas Spa, Adare, Co. Limerick. We chose this spa because firstly it’s not too far from where we live, and we had also heard it was a lovely spot.


The spa is within the grounds of the Woodlands Hotel, but it is a separate building to the hotel itself and there is plenty of free parking for guests. The ladies at the reception desk were very welcoming and we started relaxing straight away. On check-in we were each asked to complete a short form, just with our name, contact details, and any relevant medical information our therapist needed to be aware of (e.g. I had to disclose that I had a c-section 10 weeks before, but as I was fully-healed this didn’t affect the type of massage I could have).

A couple of minutes later two assistants appeared to take each of us to our changing areas – there are separate changing areas for men and women. I was shown which locker to use and how to operate the combination lock. The locker had a robe, slippers and two towels in it, as well as hangers for your own clothes. My assistant told me to change into my swimwear, robe and slippers and to take one towel, and she would be back to collect me in a few minutes. I found this great because I don’t go to spas that often, and they can all be a little different so being told exactly what to do and where to go made me feel settled.

Personal Locker

I changed quickly and had a look around the rest of the changing area. It was all very clean, and I was impressed with the vanity area – lots of seats, mirrors and hairdryers. The shower area was fantastic because the showers each had frosted glass doors on them for privacy, and they also had lovely shampoo, shower gel and body wash for you to use.


Vanity Area

My assistant came back in to check if I was ready and my husband and I were brought to the Thermal Suite. The use of this suite is complementary for 1 hour when you book a massage. Again we were shown where everything was before we were left to relax. Our first port of call was the outdoor hot-tub! As we were there at 10am there were very few guests around so we had the suite to ourselves for almost the whole hour. The other facilities were a sauna, steam room, foot spa, tropical (i.e. cold!) shower, and a relaxation area.


Foot Spa      (photo from spa website*)

At the end of the hour our massage therapists came to get us and brought us back to the changing areas to get ready for our massages. They gave us a plastic bag for our wet swimwear, as well as a pair of disposable underwear to change into for our massage. Then we were brought to the treatment room. We had booked the ‘couples suite’ so we could share the experience, so we were both in the same room with our two therapists. The room was cosy, dark and very relaxing. Our therapists left the room while we got comfortable on our massage tables, then came back in and began the massage. We both went for hot stone massages and were not disappointed. The mixture of the candles burning in the room, the relaxing background spa music, the massage oils and the massage itself had our stresses and strains melting away in minutes!

Our treatment was 55 minutes and at the end we were given fresh slippers that had been heated up, as well as fresh robes, and we were brought to the relaxation room to ‘come round’ from the massage. Our therapists brought us each a smoothie and a bowl of fruit and left us to chill out. Once we had finished our refreshments we headed back to our changing rooms, got dressed and went for lunch and a couple of drinks in the hotel.

Treatment Room      (photo from spa website*)

I would highly recommend Revas Spa at the Woodlands Hotel, it was a fabulous experience from start to finish and I’m already thinking about when I can get back there and which massage to go for the next time! They also have a hair and beauty offering but I haven’t tried that out so can’t give any feedback on that aspect. If you do decide to go to the spa, the therapists we had were Julie and Elaine. They were both lovely and were excellent masseurs.

Thanks for reading!

Aoife X


Note: I paid for this spa visit myself, the staff are unaware of this review.

I couldn’t take my phone into the Thermal Suite or Treatment Room so had none of my own photos to use, hence why I have used the spa’s own photos.


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