Powder ‘n’ Pout Make-up Brushes – Review

I’ve been trying out some make-up brushes from the Irish brand Powder ‘n’ Pout over the last few weeks. It’s taken me that long because I rarely get time to do make-up anymore unless I’m going somewhere nice – the joys of being a new mum! Read on to see what I thought of each brush.


The Angle Liner P410

Speaking as someone who needs to fill in her brows on a daily basis, even if I’m not wearing any other make-up, this brush is fantastic! The angle and density of the hairs mean you have great control over the product application. I use it for eyeliner too because it’s so precise and you can get a really clean line.


The Angle Liner P410 | €8

The Bullet P325

I love this brush for really getting into the outer corner of the eye to blend shadow. The hairs are firm but flexible so you can really work the brush and get a nice soft blend of colour. It has a slightly tapered top which I found great for drawing shadow across under the lower lashes. Definitely keeping this in my make-up bag.


The Bullet P325 | €8

The Powder Dome P100

This is a lovely, big, soft powder brush. Being soft means that it glides the powder over your other make-up and doesn’t feel like you’re wiping any off any make-up by applying your powder. I’ve only used it on pressed powder, but it is supposed to work well with loose powders too. As a bonus it comes with a reshaping net so when you wash the brush and put the net on it won’t lose it’s shape like large brushes usually do.


The Powder Dome P100 | €18

The Flat Contour P050

I don’t contour very much because I prefer a natural look, but I found this brush great for getting right in under the cheekbone. The flat shape means you get a nice precise line of product in one swipe, and then you can turn the brush width-ways to buff the product in and give a beautiful, blended, natural-looking finish.


The Flat Contour | €17

The HD Buffer P230

I’m a sucker for using stippling brushes for foundation because they work the product into the skin to give a better finish. The P230 is great because the hairs are nice and dense so they don’t spread out, and let you really work your foundation in. This is my go-to foundation brush now.


The HD Buffer | €16

I love that these brushes are such good quality and so affordable. The fact that they are an Irish brand is a bonus (Powder ‘n’ Pout is based in Co. Donegal). I was really impressed by the density of the hairs, it makes brushes so easy and quick to work with because they don’t flatten when you apply pressure. I didn’t notice any hairs coming loose either which is always a good thing!


Check out the Powder ‘n’ Pout website for even more brushes and brush sets. I have my eye on the P250 and P350 shader brushes and the P020 concealer brush next!

Have you tried any of the PnP range of brushes? Which was your favourite? Tell me in the comments!

Love Aoife x


Note: I was gifted these brushes at a Powder ‘n’ Pout event, with zero obligation to review on my blog or social media.

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